video, stage and costume design
Choreography: Hannah Schillinger
at DOCK11 Berlin

A traveler encounters landscapes impacted by the climate crisis to recalibrate the body as a site of entangled forces.

Between summer 2022 and spring 2023, Hannah Schillinger embarks on small journeys throughout Germany to encounter landscapes impacted by the climate crisis, investigating the forces and resonances interweaving these places and her own body. Amongst them are the disappearing glacier „nördlicher Schneeferner“ on the Zuspitze, the burned forests of Saxon Switzerland and the coal mine „Welzow Süd“ in Brandenburg.

360° video documentations of those meetings, physical remnants and body memory become the source material for „screen play“, Hannah Schillinger’s first work after graduating from the MA Choreography at HZT Berlin. In dialogue with video, sound and light, Schillinger explores the body as a virtual screen and traveller. Navigating through co-existing micro worlds, she plays with transmitting and transmuting images and forces. Sculptural fragments, movement experiences, emotional and reflective spaces become activated, until spheres begin to blur and body and space become reconfigured.

Foto: Alicja Hoppel


space/ costume design
Choreography: Hannah Schillinger
at Reinbeckhallen

The run in the wheels of late capitalism is fading out. What follows, is a collaborative preparation of the ground for a sustainable future. Energy transition means retreating from fossil fuels and shifting more and more to regenerative sources of energy.

If we look at this process through the perspective of the body, questions arise: How can I protect myself from exhaustion and end (self)exploitation? What helps me to regenerate my energy? What are the sources I access for this purpose? How can we support each other in this process?

The dance performance runners sets out to investigate how loops of exhaustion can be transformed and modulated as continuous processes of recalibration, regeneration and resourcing.

In a universe situated on the edge of the now between future pasts and ancient futures, the performers are navigating through technological and virtual forms of labour, which we are developing, cultivating and projecting today.

The runners’ bodies are multidimensional: deeply material, fully vibrational, really virtual and still just totally human.

In a field of information between quantum physics, agriculture, sports, labour and dance, the runners are modulating energetic structures in shared responsibility to explore possibilities of collaborative regeneration.

Foto: Alicja Hoppel

KANAL | канал

video and stage design
costume design in collaboration with Şirin Özdin
directors: Anastasija Bräuniger und Linus Lutz
at Theater Erlangen

Heterotopie Moria

Stage and video design
Director: Anastasija Bräuniger
at HfS Ernst Busch

People stuck in the mud for years, overcrowded tent camps, illegal push-backs at sea. The catastrophic situation for refugees off and on the Greek island of Lesbos reveals the impending failure of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Five characters - based on five real experts and selected in a months-long research process - tell their stories and perspectives: A Greek farmer whose 300-year-old olive trees are repeatedly cut down by refugees for firewood, a German human rights lawyer from Bavaria who stands up against post-colonial injustice in Moria, a former Greek NGO worker, the Austrian political scientist and architect of the EU-Turkey deal Gerald Knaus and the Swedish EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, who is working on her challenging mission. The audience finds itself in the middle of conflicting perspectives and is guided by a voice who has survived arriving in Europe.

What do places like Moria say about us as Europeans, what do they say about the European idea? Looking at international law and agreements such as the Geneva Conventions: who bears political responsibility for the humanitarian situation and the violations at the EU borders?


Stage, costume and video design
Director: Anastasija Bräuniger
at Theater Erlangen

PROTEST4 / documentary devised theatre, 2020, 120min, German and English
Theater Erlangen, premiere 12.09.20
Winning concept of the Regienachwuchswettbewerb 2020 (young stage direction contest) at Theater Erlangen / Vol. IV Umbrüche
supported by Goethe Institute Chile
photos: Jochen Quast


Extract from Nachtkritik / the Regienachwuchswettbewerb 2020 (Young Stage Direction Competition) jury's statement :

"The concept is convincing on several levels: It is theatrical, open to real encounters, pursues a concrete political approach yet manages to appear both playful and light. The concentrated energy, the uncompromising seriousness, the curiosity about other people and their lives and last but not least the humour of the submitted concept give hope for a project that manages to connect and enrich different people in different countries.”

Extract from Erlanger Nachrichten, 15.09.20:
"The winner of the Erlangen Theatre's Young Directors Competition does not venture onto dramaturgical ice, but thinks through her subject and its staging in all directions. (...) A multi-perspectival juxtaposition and coexistence that serves its purpose perfectly (...) The director cunningly lets the actors stage the possibilities and pitfalls of the play. (...). A daring, but functioning course.

Extract from Bayrischen Staatzeitung, 18.09.20:
"The (theatre) here becomes a reflection of the real world, a space for reflection. PROTEST4 clearly has a political dimension that informs but not in a schoolmaster way. The viewer is left to think for himself (...) Chamber theatre - with immediate proximity to what is happening - which sharpens the view of the subject and makes one ask about motives and those rebelling. The winning concept works, remains exciting and lively throughout."

PROTEST 4 focuses on the personal stories of young protesters from Beirut, Santiago de Chile and Hong Kong and their relation to the social movements.
What would prompt me – actor, theatre maker, member of the audience, member of a society – to take to the streets. What kind of circumstances, events, coincidences make a person change from being a (mere) observer to being an active protester? And what can we learn here from each other – geographical, national and cultural borders notwithstanding?


Stage and costume design
Director: Anastasija Bräuniger
at HfS Ernst Busch

In Landschaft im Sturz Icarus draws circles at the bottom of the sea long named after him. Around the abstract sculpture on the mirror-smooth stage and around himself. This Icarus questions his story, tries to remember, to make himself understood to us, and he rages. Who should hold the narration about what his flight and fall means? Who is to know wether we haven't always left some parts out? Perhaps the over centuries repeated story about the one who wants to fly higher and higher, who presumes to be the hero who overcomes all resistance and is punished for it, who falls and falls - perhaps this story overlooks the essential. The somewhat crooked mouth of Icarus, the time before the much sung about and supposedly failed heroic journey, the father, who himself always flew away from Brueghel's oil painting, while the son disappears into the sea. "Thanks, Pieter Brueghel, thanks! You must paint me, but then you paint me as a crazy bum who plops into a pond..."

Landschaft im Sturz reveals itself as an evening in seemingly disparate images - and in different disciplines - when we suddenly discover a naturalistic installation in the ebbing of the desperately comical monologue monolith of Icarus in our backs, behind the rows of seats. This installation is not a great myth of the world conquest, nor is it the meaningful emptiness of the seabed or the theatre stage: a simple living room, a narrowly defined space of an old woman - a relative? - who reads in her armchair, who quietly mumbles about what she has lost, sometimes looking out of the window into a landscape that may only vaguely coincide with what she remembers.

The following third picture of Landschaft im Sturz is again a completely different one, but perhaps it is a parenthesis: At first on the TV, but soon also on the big screen in the background of the stage, the astronaut appears in his capsule, fresh from the dream factory, with the right soundtrack, with the right messages from Earth. Is he the missing person? Will he carry out the attempt for which Icarus is atoning over?


Stage and costume design
Director: Tjörvi Lederer
at HfS Ernst Busch

„He's gotta be strong, and he's gotta be fast, and he's gotta be fresh from the fight.“
BE MY MAN is a play about men. It tries to be an honest portrait of young manhood in the 21th century, by reflecting the role of men in our society and showing a new healthy manliness in a playfull and self aware way. The actors talk about their life experiences and their own manlyness. Fears, insecurities, desires and dreams, community and pressure, rock bands and sport teams. An uncompromising evening in which they talk about things the actors, and probably most men never talk about.


video design
Director: Theresa Thomasberger
at Theater Münster

In Svenja Viola Bungartens drittem Stück MARIA MAGDA trifft Horror auf Diskurs. Maria ist eine Schläferin und wird von ihren verzweifelten Eltern auf ein Kloster-Internat für schwer erziehbare Mädchen geschickt. Es heißt im Kloster der Magdalenerinnen sei einst der Hexenjäger Heinrich Kramer bei lebendigem Leibe verbrannt worden. Es heißt sein Geist geht um. Oder ist es doch der heilige Geist höchstpersönlich? Erst vor zwei Monaten ist ein Mädchen verschwunden. Das Mädchen, in dessen Bett nun Maria schlafen soll. Was verheimlicht ihre neue Zimmernachbarin Magda, welche verborgenen Kräfte schlummern in ihrer Freundin Hildie und was summt die Oberschwester Mutter Väterin nachts allein auf dem Gang vor sich hin? Wer ist hier Hexe und wer ist Nonne? War die unbefleckte Empfängnis in Wirklichkeit eine Vergewaltigung? Und ist Gott eigentlich ein Hund namens Chayenne? In MARIA MAGDA dekonstruiert Bungarten schonungslos misogyne, antifeministische und ausbeutende Erzählungen von Weiblichkeit und Sexualität. Dieses Stück ist ein Gewaltakt und eine Persiflage auf das Patriarchat.


Installation and set design
Directors: Milena Bühring, Lisa Kaschubat, Klara Kirsch
ffffilm productions

ECTORIDERS revolves around Mimi, a late-night saleswoman, Kay, a businesswoman, and Yv, a programmer, who find themselves in an endless game show due to unexplained circumstances. In a futuristic cab, they are led into parallel universes and have encounters that raise questions about solidarity and parenthood in a heteronormative, patriarchal, and capitalist society. Drawing on various feminist movements as well as personal experiences, the film combines aesthetic strategies from pop culture, commercial film, and media art. The video work is shown together with the prop of the cab, in which viewers sit in the seats of the three main characters. Within the immersive experience, levels of fiction and reality intertwine, allowing the audience to position themselves in relation to the film.


collective video performance
with Milena Bühring, Jan Fleischer, Klara Kirsch, Sugano Matsusaki, Rocio Marano and Ana Sommer-Madison.
at Staatsoper Unter den Linden

Ispired by the means of popculture and social media we tell the myth of Orpheo in all it´s inconsistency and plurality with a postmodern gaze where information is democratised.




Photography and exhibiton
During a semester in Tallinn, Estonia I shot a couple of photo series. They were shown as 28 prints in A3+ and A2 at TLU (Tallinn University) as a solo exhibition for three months.


Set and costume design
Director: Eduardo Scussel
short film by dffb (german film and television academy berlin)


Set design
Director: Sorina Gajewski
short film by dffb (german film and television academy berlin)


Concept, performing, stage design, costumes and video.
at Ackerstadtpalast

HOLD ME TIGHTS was an evening with several performances. I did a 20min long performance about "The society of singularities" by Andreas Reckwitz.


2018 - now
Studies of stage design at Universitaet der Kuenste Berlin

Stage, video and costume design for "Screen Play" at DOCK11 Berlin

Stage, video and costume design for "KANAL | канал" at Theater Erlangen

Exchange semester at École Superior National des Artes Decoratives in Paris

Video design for "Maria Magda" at Theater Münster

Stage, costume and video design for "Protest4" at Theater Erlangen

Stage and costume assistent at HAU for "Laibach - wir sind das Volk"

Internship at the stage design department of Komische Oper Berlin working for Michael Levigne and Robert Carsen

Internship at the stage design department of Schaubuehne Berlin working for Jan Pappelbaum and Thomas Ostermeier

Exchange semester at Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University

Solo exhibition of my photography art at Tallinn University

Working as a photographer for Müürileht an estonian magazine about art, music and culture

Internship in the camera department at "Der Schweinehirt" Neue Schönhauser Produktion

Internship in the camera department at "Der Kriminalist" H und V Entertainment

Cameratrainee at "Die Flucht ins Ungewisse" Bavaria Film

Internship in the camera department at Cinegate

Studies of timebased media with the focus on film at Hochschule Mainz

6 month inernship at the ZKM (center for art and media) Karlsruhe

Masterclass scolarship for students being especially talented in arts at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, with an exhibition of the artwork produced during the scolarship that was shown for one month at the ZKM

1 1/2 years working at the arthouse cinema called Schauburg


- german mother tongue
- english C1
- french A2

PC expertise
- Blender
- Twinmotion
- Rhino
- Adobe Suite
- espacially in Premiere and Photoshop
- ArchiCAD, AutoCAD
- Unity

- expertise with cameras by Arri, Sony, Black Magic, Nikon, and Canon
- lightning


Louis Caspar Schmitt

Handjerystrasse 50
12161 Berlin


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